I grew up hunting whitetail deer near my hometown in Illinois.  I thought deer hunting was the greatest thing in the world when it came to hunting.  UNTIL, a few years later I went on my first goose hunt.  From that day forward I was hooked on waterfowl.  Deer hunting took a back seat.  We are blessed to live in an area of Illinois that is a hot stop for migrating ducks and geese.  Braidwood lake and surrounding areas are known to hold upwards of  600,000 ducks and geese during peak migration. For me, its the whole experience of the duck hunt. .  You just cant beat it.  The climax, however, occurring when the ducks or geese cup their wings and they’re committed.

Later on in my life, I became very interested in the calling aspect of waterfowling. I experimented with almost every brand of call on the market. Some were good and some weren’t. The thrill of calling to a duck or goose in the air and seeing the reaction of the bird to the call took my experience to a whole new level.

Before I knew it, I had quite the collection of duck and goose calls. Some were CNC’d by machine, but some were true custom works of art. Done by a man in a shop. That allure really struck me. A wood turned duck call on a lathe has a soul. It sets itself apart from the rest, there’s no question about it! I began to study the history of call making.

My family began to take notice of my passion for calls and calling. My grandpa bought me a wood lathe. From the day I turned my first piece of wood I was hooked. Eventually, my grandpa and I began to fool around trying to make a call. He says we wrote our own book so to speak. We didn’t have anything to go off besides the little bit I knew of what made a call tick. There were many frustrating moments along the way. Our first two tone boards we made didn’t even make a sound (I didn’t realize that was even possible to do). But we learned as we went. It took time and PATIENCE! But we improved and finally got a call to make sounds similar to a duck. Now through trial and error, I have a duck call that is of TOP QUALITY to sell to the public. If it weren’t for my grandpa’s exceptional intelligence and master wood working skills, it would have taken me MANY MANY years to get to where I’ve gotten today.