10 Year Limited Edition Cutdown


The Cutdown Canada was put through the rigors for 100+ days while guiding and traveling the Mississippi and Central Flyways during the 2011-2012 season and has proven its keep in the CCC stable of calls. The Cutdown Goose Call is based off the original Hedge Wood CCC’s, but utilizing a high performance shaved reed and ORIGINAL Delrin Guts. These guts were milled off Gary’s best set of guts ever that took 4 hours on average made by hand.

This is a short stubby call whose insert has been cut down, bored out and tweaked taking the intense volume, speed and sharpness of this call to a whole new level! This call can flat out scream and gets crazy fast! This call is not made to get fancy, it’s designed for pulling stubborn geese that otherwise you don’t have a chance at getting with regular calls. It is also an eye catcher on any lanyard.


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If you are a guide or serious hunter you know how important volume is when you are hunting wide open corn fields in the fall and winter , hunting near and against competition, or pulling migrators from the stratosphere. A great call for tiny lessors, cacklers and especially giant honkers. See what you’ve been missing!

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