Broke In Goose Call Guts


Our broke in goose call guts are sure to breathe new life into your call. Molded off of Gary’s personal set of hunting guts, the worn in tone channels allow for a bigger range of mean honker sounds while staying fast and easy to run.




The best way to get your guts out of the call is to push them out with a small rod. The rod will enter through the insert and push towards the guts. Pushing the opposite way will eventually lead to worn guts that done fit as well as the should. Also make sure you NEVER twist the tone board out as you WILL break them at some point.

Reed up or Down? Reeds have a natural bend in them, to find the bend put the reed between your fingers and slightly pinch them together, the reed will naturally bend one way. The side of the reed that creates the “U” shape is the “up” side.

A bend up placed reed will make the call a little bit harder to blow but will add more buzz. A bend down reed is a easier to blow and cleaner in sound.

Choose which way you want the bend to face and place the reed on the tone board, then align the wedge with the line on the side of the tone board and loosely place all the pieces in the call insert.

Make sure the reed is centered and not too far forward that when you push it down it catches the front of the tone board and “pops” or sticks, but it should be as far forward as possible. You are aiming to create virtually no gap between the tip of the reed and tone channel. Push the guts a bit further into the call and double check that when you push down on the reed down it doesn’t pop or stick. If it does, gently wiggle the tone board out a slight hair.

Having more reed exposed will result in a deeper tone that requires more air to run, while less reed exposed will be higher pitched and need less air. Having more wedge exposed (guts not pushed into the insert super far) will create more buzz and rasp but need more air to run, while pushing the guts tighter into the insert will make the call need less air to run but will take away some of the rasp and buzz. Tons of combinations to try out, remember that when you find something you like to mark the wedge, tone board and reed with a permanent marker for future tunes.


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