Duck Call Tuning Kit


The Committed Custom Calls Duck Call Tuning Kit is everything you need to tune up your call for the season! 3 Reeds, 3 Corks and a tuning tips instructional card.



REED: Hold the tip of the reed ends in your fingers and gently bend. The reed will naturally bend one way over the other. Most prefer the full range of sounds that having the bend up (bend faces away from the tone board) will give them, while some like the way a bend down call runs. When trimming your reed remember to make very very small cuts. A little goes a long ways here. A longer reed will result in a deeper more raspy tone but will lack the range needed to create a lot of different duck tones. A shorter reed will yield a less raspy call but more easily run the full spectrum of tones.

CORK: The height of the cork can be sanded down to size (either with sandpaper or with a rough surface like sidewalk concrete), while the sides of the cork can be carefully trimmed with a sharp knife. Wet cork in your mouth and softly chew on it a bit to soften it up. Cork should slide in yet provide a secure solid fit. *Note: Calls (especially wood) should be fitted with extreme caution. Too large of a cork will most likely break the cork notch, do not try to force a cork in. Proceed at your own risk or if you are worried, please send your call in to us and we will fit the cork to the call*

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