The Barne Burner Goose Call


After a long and grueling R&D process Committed Custom Calls is pleased to present to you the Barne’Burner17 Canada Goose Call . Just in time for the big migrations !
This call has been a year long collaboration with Braidwood Lake Hunt Club guides during 2016 and 2017 season . Barney Faletti was instrumental in this calls development . One of the best Goose Callers in the area he was a huge asset in getting this call to the table . Guides Cody Fink and Steve Raulerson also were a large part of making this happen during the entire R&D process of trial and error and field testing . Without their help and patience this call wouldn’t be possible ! ThankYou fellas .
Whenever we get these guys together it’s nothing short of a barn burner of a hunt . So it only seemed fitting to name this call as such . The Barne’Burner17 .

We believe this is the best CCC goose call bar none and look forward to getting it into the arsenals of hunters across the country to experience the thrill of calling in and breaking down those honkers!


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FAQ of the Day : What is the difference between the Barne’Burner17 and the StubbleBum ?

Answer : The short answer to a long story is Internal dimensions , Size , and Guts .

The barrel was opened up allowing more air to build up but also not seize up on you creating power and a sweet backpressure feel that will make you smile . The big full down filled feather gander sound is more easily achieved from beginner to advanced callers.

The barrel was lengthened to help with ease of use , to achieve proper pressure , and creating fuller down feathered Goose sound .

The insert end was shortened and also opened up to achieve ultra fast , clean , and , sharp responding honks – clucks -and comebacks .

Finally the guts . A friend bumped into some Clucker style guts from the 1990s . I was told and confirmed that these guts have long been since discontinued from sale but are however still prized by serious goose callers .

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